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Friday, May 4, 2018

A Good Day...

Today we ate lunch with old neighbors. Mark and Gayle were neighbors when we lived in our last house.

Last year we met them at Micha's for Mexican food when they came out from Maine on vacation... This year that wasn't possible. No Micha's right now. 

We met them at Double LL for lunch.  Then we went to the Mini Time Machine.  They had never been there before.  It was a fun day.

Gayle showed up with some presents for me and a shirt for Amare from Eastport. She made the bag with my name on it. It doesn't show up too well in the photo, but it is really pretty in real life.

The pot that you see in the second photo is one that Gayle made.  I love the glaze on it.

Thank you Gayle for the wonderful gifts!  It was a fun day!

This is all I got done on Tessie's dressing room today.

Now about what I have been doing...

I have been wanting to do this for sometime. I went back and started reading my blog from the beginning. 

I kept thinking that I had gotten away from the way that the blog started.  By going back, I can see that I need to go back to where I started and do things right again.

I think that I have gotten away from the story telling that I used to do.  I am going to try harder to do it the way it used to be.

I have two people that agree and they are tired of being shuffled off to watch TV.

Tessie and Zar are at the bottom of this photo doing just that right now, but I have promised them that they can start helping out again like they used to.  No more sending them off to do something else whilst I do the work.

If they want new things, they get to help and do their part.  After I told them that, they went off and started planning what I was going to have to do to keep them interested... I have the feeling that I just got myself in a lot of trouble by telling them that... Zar has already started harping about the Clockwork Cottage and Tessie is back on the kick of wanting Spiderwort Mannor started.

And me?  I am going back and watch TV for a while and then I am going to pull the covers over my head and get a good night's sleep... Tomorrow is the start of the old way of doing things!

See you then.

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Unknown said...

A great day with you both too, glad to see you at least once a year. So nice to see the museum and all the work that you did, it's such a nice place. Thank you again for the lovely bracelet. Hugs, Gayle