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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

OK... It's a day early.  We went over to April, Seth's and Amare's for an early Mother's day brunch. Seth's parents and brother were here.

Amare showed off the new shirt that Gayle sent him and the changes to his mini room box.

Both are looking good!
Me?  No cleaning in the workroom today...

Early Mother's day.  I will clean tomorrow.
Yes. I know that the floor is still a mess...
I did, however get a pot of really pretty orchids for Mom's Day. 

Yes it is a day early, but I gladly accepted them anyway. Thank you April, Seth and Amare!

I will count this as mom's day and I will go back to cleaning tomorrow.  That seems logical to me...

I promise to go back into the workroom tomorrow, bright and early.  See you then.


Pubdoll said...

Happy Mother's Day! (it's in February in my parts of the world) So nice that Amare shares your interest and has his own roombox!

Unknown said...

Looking good , Amare. Glad the shirt fits, Happy Mother's Day to you , Casey and April. Gayle

April said...

We had such a nice early mother's day. Amare loves his shirt, thanks Gayle! And happy mother's day to you both.