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Friday, May 11, 2018

First You Make the Cat Comfortable...

I know what is most important... Before I even started cleaning, I made Kota a bed on the stool next to the window.  That didn't take any time at all...
It was what came after that, that still isn't even close to finished...This is what is left of the bottom of the basket. 

Tessie and Zar, took one look at what I was going to do and left. They wanted NOTHING to do with the rest of the plan. 

I swear that every time I put something away it jumped out of whatever drawer I put it in and landed on the floor somewhere...

 I did find a home for my magnifying lamp. It is now where it will help me see what I am sawing when not being used elsewhere. I don't use the magnifier.  I just use the lamp part.  I used to shove it in the closet, but now I will be able to saw things with ease.

Tessie stuck her nose in a couple of times.  She is now the proud owner of a new bra... She will never wear it, but she can say, "I have my very own bra!" now.

She also found a couple of purses and a pair of high button shoes.

As for me, I found the forms for making new hands and feet. I build them on these things and then put them in the oven.

Maybe Tessie and Zar will both get some new extremities.

They could really use some.  Both of them are on their last legs... Literally!

Anyway, I am quiting for the day.  I need to do something else.  Finding a place to put each and every thing that I pick up is making me tired.  I want to relax for a while.

No more stuffing things in drawers. 

See you tomorrow!

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