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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday and Witches!

Tessie had a lot of fun today.  Not a lot of clothes got finished, but she got to go to the Wednesday Witches meeting today.  Special Treat for her

We got very little done on her dress, but she had a lot of fun showing off the new hairdo for one and all.

She still refuses to wear shoes, even though I am making her some new ones for her dressing room.
I found a couple of purses, a hat stand and several other things that she can use in the new room. I fear that the hat stand will have to be re decorated.  Red and pink will not go well together.

She already informed me of that mistake. I will probably fix it.
She found a lot of kits for purses that were left over from a class. 

To quote her... "Mine! All Mine!!!!"
We still haven't finished the dress, but more about that tomorrow. It will be easy to finish.

She wants it done, so that she can start yelling at me again. 

The first words out of her mouth tomorrow, after I finish will again be "Where's my dressing room???

I can hardly wait!!!

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Isabel Ruiz said...

Ese vestid está quedando muy bonito. ¡Ya te lo puede agradecer Tessie!