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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tessie's Jewelry Hunt!

I got out the five watches that I have finished so far.  I only have seven more to do... I wonder if that will be enough... I will let you know after I finish the last seven...

Tessie came along as I was digging around and decided that I needed help... Oh goodie!
I then went to the ring case.  It has some of the bracelets that I have done on memory wire. 

There weren't quite enough to cover Tessie's mouth and keep her from adding comments.

At least when I clean this out, she gets quiet.  This is where she gets to try on the hat rings.

Today she tried to make the bracelets into something for herself... It didn't really work, but she kept trying.  She can't walk when she does that, so it didn't last long.

I tried to show her the new beads that I bought this morning.  Not her size.  She just plain wasn't interested. She started searching through the fruit box again... now she wants a peach tree and an apple tree.

I can't win!
I went into another room and started searching through a drawer in my grandmother's sewing machine. 

She didn't really find anything in there.  I did find a few things that I think that I may be able to use... We shall see...
I got as far as the first shelf of the bead bookcase.  She jumped to the second one and threw up her hands in dismay.

She announced, "You aren't allowed to go into these shelves anymore! Not until you finish my potting shed and my living room.

She is being most unreasonable! I want to bead and she wants me to mini.  I am thinking of locking her in a closet somewhere and throwing away the key.

I want to do something besides her projects.  She wants me to do NOTHING but her projects. 

Right now she is standing beside the phone on the desk.

If I look to my right, she is standing there with her hands out wide, trying to stop me from typing. It's not working.  Thank Goodness!

I am going back and try to do something that I want to do now.  "Hey Tessie! How about a dozen chocolate chip cookies?

I think that will keep her busy for a little while.  Wish me luck.  See you tomorrow.

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