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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Gardening and Tameing Tessie...

For the past two years, I have been slacking off in the gardening department.  I am having to start over on a lot of things. The Pomegranate tree and the fig are going great guns right now. I am not worried about them, but some of the other plants are shot.
I had a rose bush growing under the bedroom window... What is left of it is holding up the "Peace Rose" that I am going to plant in it's place. I remember my dad having one of those in the back yard when I was a kid in Phoenix.  If he could get them to grow there, I am sure that they will grow here.

All I have to do is plant it and water it more than I did the one that was there.

When I was recovering, I didn't have a lot of interest in digging and watering.  Now I want to get back at it.

I have some geraniums to plant against the back wall.

The purple bougainvillea is going where the stick like red one was that is back against the wall. I am actually excited about getting things going again.

Tessie went out there with me.  She investigated the Forest Fantasy Cottage and then turned up her nose and went back inside.  She wants nothing to do with it, now that it has become a place for the birds.

When I came in, she was sitting on Victor's tape bar telling him how mean I was for giving it to the birds.

I don't think that he really cares.  He just sits there looking down the end of his nose at her.  Every once in a while a little smoke escapes his right nostril. He coughs a bit and then grins at her... It is wicked grin and I do hope that she is not making the wrong impression on him. He has been known to bite heads off when he doesn't like something that is being said. I guess that I should go check on how things are going in there... So far, I haven't heard any howling from him or screaming from Tessie. I guess they are OK. 

Back to the farm. See you tomorrow.

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