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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Snoring Some More.....

I tried the greenery that came with the potting shed kit... I think that it is going to get torn apart and used leaf by leaf. 

It is not terribly realistic in it's present state.

Tessie keeps whining, "But there are no grapes."

I guess if it is a vine in Tessie's world, it should have grapes on it.

Here we go again.  more work for me.
All I have left to do inside is the potting bench and lots of accessories.

All Tessie has to do is stand back and watch.

One of these days, I am going to give her a hammer, saw and a pile of wood and tell her to build it herself!

For now, I am working as fast as I can...
While Tessie and Kota nap all afternoon. I have tried to wake them several times.  They both just groan and go back to sleep. 

At least Tessie doesn't try to bite me when I try to wake her up!

I am going back and start cutting leaves off of the vines.  Then I will have to find something that at least looks like mini grape.  Remind me to tell Tessie that they aren't edible!

Back to the potting shed.

See you tomorrow.


Natalie Wilson said...

Hi Casey,

Just wanted to let you know you can still get the cardboard tamped tubes. They sell them under the brand Florette at Aldi stores. Don't know if you have Aldi in the US but maybe somewhere sells the Florette brand.

A loyal reader
Natalie x

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