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Monday, March 5, 2018

Cleaning for Tessie and Kota...

For Tessie, it's a matter of seeing the TV without anything between her and the screen.

It is still far from being finished, but as long as she can see the TV, she doesn't care how the rest of the room looks.
I moved some things around and I can now walk from the desk to the door.  That's the first step...

I moved the desk around sideways from where it was.  Now I can view both the window and the door to the room at the same time... Much better!

I put a bench under the window. Now Kota has a place to see out and to sleep when I am in there.

Maybe he will let me actually sit in my own chair. We shall see...
The only problem is, now Tessie can get from place to place without help. 

She has started in with the, "Make this in my size!" phase of her rant.

The basket that she is standing in is full of jewelry that she wants shrunk down to her size...

My only comment is the same as always... "Don't hold your breath Tessie."

See you tomorrow.

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