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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Locking Tessie in the Workroom!

My favorite bead shop is closing... I went to the clearance sale this morning.

The stuff that you see around Tessie is what I managed to buy.  Tessie seems to think that it is all hers.

No way.  No how!! Mine.  All mine!!!

There are 20 new big eyed needles in the needle case. Those are the main things that I went to purchase. I can't find any of my old ones.  I am sure that they are around somewhere, but it's hard to bead with a needle that you can't find.

Thus, new needles!

When I first started using Delica beads, I could fit all of the Delicas in the box that Tessie is sitting in... Somewhere on the list is rearrange Delica beads...

Tessie isn't going to like it, but it is at the top of the list. I put it there when I got home.  I am probably going to have to use the original box after what I bought today.  Oh well.  At least I will have enough beads to finish all of the watches and maybe even a few left over for other things. 

I am going back to the bedroom and rearrange beads now. 

Back to the beads.  See you tomorrow.

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