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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Leaves of Geraniums

These are the tools that I use to make geraniums. Why so many? There are three different sizes to make leaves. The smallest leaf size also is the one to make the flowers.

The ones on the end with the blue handles are to cut the wire and paper.  There is also one for cutting ivy leaves in this bunch. That cutter is useful for cutting into the  smaller scraps. The ivy leaves are not vey big.

This is all that I got done at Wednesday Witches today.

There are enough leaves for quite a few geranium plants and a couple of ivy plants to boot.

I decided to make the grape leaves out of the vines that came with the kit. I will have to cut the leaves off of the wire and reshape some of them, but it will be easier than going for all new leaves
that I have to cut from scratch.

Here's a close up of the larger leaves and they don't look anything like grape leaves. I would have to do a lot of trimming and even some painting to make them look shiny like grape leaves. So much for that plan.

They are going back to being geranium leaves.
Tessie suggested that I get started on the plants tonight... I don't think that is going to happen. I am tired of both grapevines and geraniums for now.  Maybe tomorrow.

If she wants them started, she is going to have to do it herself.  I am going to bed like a normal person and let her have at it.

If she has to do it herself, it won't get done tonight and probably a couple more weeks after that.

So I am retiring and will start tomorrow bright and early.  See you then.

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