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Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Little of Everything...

The kumquat tree has made it for a week.  I think that's a good start.

I am having trouble keeping Tessie out of it. I have to go chase her out at least three times every day.  She goes out to see if there are any kumquats on it at least that many times every day. Sometimes it is more like fourteen times. I think that I am going to have to put some screening around it to keep her out. She keeps checking on the one green kumquat that is on it. 
Remember the conservatory? I decided I needed a small plant habitat more than I needed another mini building.  I still have to take the DAS clay off of one more corner, but I am getting there.
 I worked on these for a little bit today.  I am not telling what they are for.  Someone may guess, but I might change my mind before next week.

By the way. if you want to know how to make these, please put "tuffets" in the search box. For some reason, I only put tutorials in as a way to get to them.

The squirrels have been gardening again. I decided to clean out this large pot to put an English Lavender plant in... I only have about half of the dirt out of it.

See all of the peanuts on the ground and the peanuts in the pot?

I think that the squirrels were trying to grow more peanuts! I am not quite sure how they got the nuts so far down in the pot, but they must have been really determined.  It is amazing how many peanuts they have planted in every pot on the porch to save for winter. Then they forgot where they put them.  I keep finding pots and plants thrown all over the place. They are coming back to get them now that it is no longer winter.

And what was Tessie doing today while I gardened? She didn't even bother to look out the window. Since I won't let her play in the kumquat tree, she took it easy and stayed in the house with Kota.  Neither of them were any help at all. I am going to fire both of them as helpers.

I am going to go do nothing with them now. I can lay on the floor and sleep if they can.

See you tomorrow.

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