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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cleaning Out the Jewelry Supplies...

With Tessie's help... She keeps suggesting that I just give her what I don't want... Then she suggests what I shouldn't want anymore...

For instance, my Chinese monkey...

She seems to think that she could wear him around her neck??? She says that all she needs is a shorter chain... Much shorter.

Two inches instead of twenty four inches is quite a LOT shorter. 

At one point, I was doing a lot of crocheting and tatting with the beads worked into the jewelry.

I have no problem keeping these.  She says that they cover to much of her up.

She suggested an apron, but I vetoed that idea.  I am not crocheting or tatting her an apron.  No way!  No how!!!
 I did get into mixed media.  The center one in this trio is on a base that I found in a thrift shop jar.  It is a choker with the front portion made with a couple of pieces of walnut. 

I seldom wear that one.  Not a comfortable piece of jewelry.  Too heavy.

The mother of pearl and the crystal one are both much more wearable.

I think that I know why someone put the other chocker in the thrift shop bag.  Heavy!!!

These are some or the ones that I am making these days.  Much lighter and much more wearable. 

I like the one on the bottom left. It is a piece of dichroic glass that someone made.  I did the wire wrapping.

Anyway, That's what sidetracked me today.  I am cleaning, but not mini cleaning.  

 Back to work.  See you tomorrow. Maybe even with minis!

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Marian said...

Me encantan los colgantes, son muy bonitos.
Un abrazo