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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Planting or Beading???

Why didn't I think of this solution before?  Remember the old "girl and boy sharing the headset"?

I sat the Terrible Two down on a shelf with the disc player turned on to "Restaurant at the end of the Universe" this morning.  I haven't heard a peep out of either of them all day!  They like it and nothing is going to interrupt them.

Kota is guarding the beads... Yes. I know he is fast asleep... I won't have to do any beading until I want to.

I would rather be out where it is sunny and wonderful weather for planting things.
So far, I have a raspberry, a blackberry and a blueberry planted in the horse tank. Maybe I will go back and get a strawberry plant to put in the last corner. 

I am not very good at growing things in the tank, but I keep trying something different every year.  This year it's berries.  Wish me luck!
I bought one other plant to put in.  I am doing a Thompson Seedless Grape at the end of the porch. 

I am dismal at growing things to eat, but I keep trying...
I repotted all morning and am down to these few plants to repot.  The one in the center doesn't need it, but the rest of them do.  I repotted all morning and only have these few left.

All I had to do is stop every once in a while when Tessie and Zar started yelling for me to change the CD. They are really into Douglas Adams and I am so happy that they are.

I am going back to work.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

meemaw said...

'Here where the wind is Always North North-East, And children learn to walk on Frozen Toes'
It is so nice to see sunny gardening pictures for someone like me, who spends days like this maintaining snowy paths.. I wish you the very best luck on your fruit bushes!