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Friday, January 26, 2018

The Rocks Are in Town!!!

You can't take more than three steps without running into a rock display for the next couple of weeks here in Tucson.

Walter and I went out to the ball park for the Kino Show this morning.

Big and little rocks everywhere.  I actually only spent $15.00 this morning. For me, that is amazing....

If you count the pieces in these two photos you will figure out that every one of the pieces that I bought was a dollar each!

I buy these stretch bracelets to tear apart and make other jewelry.
For some reason, they had two of the stones labeled with what they stand for... Yup.  That's me.  I have wisdom and am intelligent... When I am not screwing things up.

We got lunch on the way home.

Now I am sitting on the bed with Kota, trying to decide what I am gong to make with my new toys.

Some of the ones in the first photo are composite gems... That is, they are made of ground up stone put together in a mold. Then they are polished to
a high shine and ground down to the shapes that you see. Some are actually stones.  Can you tell the difference? Probably not.

The bracelets are simply little chips of stone that have been tumbled to a high shine.

And the last photo?  That's just my shiny friend... Kota. He is back to being my best pal.  He tried to eat me yesterday, but today he is back to normal.  Thank Goodness!!!

I tried to talk him into modeling one of the bracelets as a collar, but they just don't stretch around his big cat head. Oh well.

I am going back now and see if I can build a pendant or two from my new stash.

See you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Any chance you had Mexican for lunch ? We loved that place, we will take you both next time ~

Caseymini said...

No Gayle,that's tomorrow. We are meeting the kids there tomorrow and then going from there to the ballpark for the Kino show.