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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kota, as a Helper!.....

He's not.... First he laid on the theater trays.  He likes the surface to sleep on.  I am not sure why. But he does.

As soon as one comes into the house and is available for a sleeping pad, he curls up in it and goes to sleep... It doesn't matter if some of him hangs over the sides.

It's just one of his favorite things to sleep on.

So far, I have two of the base sides done...I haven't even started the walls yet.

Please note that Kota is bracing one of the corners so that it won't fall off of the bed.
I decided to try to get him interested in sleeping with something else so that I could rescue the trays...

Smelled OK.  Just wasn't the same thing.
I finally pulled the trays out from under him and covered him with one of the flat feet yarn pieces that I am using on the latest socks.

I guess that you could call it a success. He went back to sleep and hasn't bothered me once since I did that.

Maybe I will get something done today after all.
Wish me luck! 

Back to work.  See you tomorrow. I might even have the walls covered with stonework.

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azteclady said...

Kota is one of the most chill cats ever. Mine enjoy destroying everything, so crafting must be done behind closed doors.