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Friday, January 5, 2018

Determined to Win!!!

OK. I am going to win if it kills me... And at the rate I am going, it probably will...I cleared off the rest of the shelf that was half cleared yesterday.  Then I moved these two old room boxes in.

The Elizabethan Lady has been done for a long time.  The other one has never had a finished room in it.

I moved the colonial rooms down a shelf and then put the two bedrooms in the space that they were in.

I am going to have to finish the room box with the carved bed.  I did the bed about  25 years ago and it has never had a room of it's own.

That Is going to have to be the first thing that I do in the new year.

I did try several things from the family/dining room into the bedroom.  They came right back out.  Just didn't work

So... I am doing the two steps forward and one step back dance. 

I am moving forward a bit, but I am also moving things back where they were before I started...

Most irritating when you try something and it just doesn't work where you thought it would.

I want to get this game finished and play something else. So far, I am losing. 

I am trying for a perfect house and perfect displays... So far, it's not working.  Back to playing in a continuous mess. That seems to be  what works for me... Back to the drawing board....

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Hang in there! You can do it.
Big hug