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Monday, January 29, 2018

Day Three!!!

Walter and I went out to the ball park again this morning. 

He got me two rocks for my birthday.  They are both turquoise.  They are both going to become either bracelets or pendants.  Wire wrapped.
The first one is a very dark blue green variety with a few veins of black and yellow.

The second one has a lot of black, green and some ochre in it.

It was either these two or one larger stone.  I liked that one, but it was too big for me. 

Being 4'11", I think that the smaller stones are more to my scale...
These ten tubes of seed beads cost me $20.00. If I had bought them here in a regular store in Tucson or on line, they would have cost somewhere between 60.00 and 100.00 dollars. 

Now you know why I like the gem show so much!
I got all of these drilled small stones for 6.00.

Lots of stones for bracelets and other jewelry.
This is my whole stash for this year....So far. 

Maybe we will go out to the ball park one more time.  After all, it's only once a year and if we don't spend now, we will spend a LOT more later in other places for the same things.

I am going  back and start designing a thing or two now.

Back to the drawing board.

See you tomorrow.

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