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Monday, December 18, 2017

Star Wars! The Latest One!

I had to put another picture of the room in.  We went to see the latest Star Wars movie this morning.  BB8 figured prominently in this one.

Now I know about him... I feel like I know him a little bit better...

When we got home, Walter rented the proceeding one from Amazon.  We had a double feature.  Therefore I didn't get a lot done.
I did do a bit more cleaning.  This little greenhouse was a plain white one that I got from Walmart several years ago.  I painted the trim on it and fancied it up.

It never looks like I cleaned it. The finish on it is antiqued.  I could probably scrub on it for a week and it would still look the same.
The burglar's living room doesn't get very dirty. It is a closed box, so I have to do very little to it.

If I stay there too long, the burglar tells me to get out and stop interrupting his thievery.
This is also one that looks about the same. Clean or dirty.  I basically just use a feather duster on it, to get the big pieces. 

Zar keeps it pretty clean most of the time.

Anyway, I am going to have to make a couple of more pieces for Amare's box tomorrow and then it will be done...I am not adding anything from the movie.  It is just about full enough as it is. I am off to watch TV for a while.  Then I am going to turn in early.

See you tomorrow.

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