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Monday, December 4, 2017

Little Bins

In Amare's room there is a shelving component that consists of side boards with dowels strung in between. I am not sure if they got it somewhere of Seth made it, but I am copying it. 

All of the good stuff gets thrown in there. Easy to put away and easy to grab when Amare wants to use it.
I started by building a frame all the way around and then drilling holes in both sides to match.  That way the little tubs can slide in and out when needed.

It was not a lot of fun getting all of those long toothpicks in the holes on either end, but I did it!
The tubs are made from the little plastic bubbles that jewelry findings come in at Walmart.

I cut them out close to the edge of the bubble.  Then I glued string around the edges to make them more sturdy.

I painted them all in rainbow colors. I used at least two coats of paint both outside and in.

I need at least one more package of two kinds of findings.

Not too bad for a bunch of miscellaneous wood and some throw away plastic.

Two of the little boxes that I made yesterday will be glued to the corner post of the bed after I get things glued into all of the holes.

I am going back and try to find tiny rocks that are interesting... Amare tends to collect everything that he sees.  That includes interesting rocks.  That's what he has in the real ones.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


meemaw said...

This is just like what my grandkids have as a is amazing how you figured out to make it in mini! I aspire to your creative use of everyday objects, Casey.

Dollhouselady's Blog said...

Great idea! Miniaturists are always the best recyclers!

Marian said...

Te ha quedado un mueble genial. Una idea maravillosa.
Un abrazo