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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Not Large Enough...

I have offered Albert the use of the Nine Dollar Dollhouse... He is not really sure about it...

He saw Zar's house that is unoccupied right now and I think that he would like to take that over "Lock, Stock and Barrel".

He already talked Zar out of a bunch of furniture.  None of it is being used.  Zar seems to like his Half Timber Trailer. 

I am thinking that Zar doesn't want the responsibility of the gigantic Clockwork Cottage.
Albert seems to be cramped in the Nine Dollar Dollhouse.

I have the feeling that, once in his new place, he is going to do some more discovering of the universe... and the small house will never do...

He is really trying to settle in, but it is really cramped.  I have to admit that I probably wouldn't be happy living there either.
Albert talked Zar out of a LOT of his furniture for the Clockwork Cottage. He got it on the condition that, if Zar ever got the cottage up and running, Albert would turn the furniture over to him again.

They have had their heads together quite a lot today and I have the feeling that Albert is winning the battle.  He may just become the owner of the Clockwork Cottage, at the rate that their talks are going... I am just going to stand back and let it all happen.

I have other things to work on right now, so I am going to let the two of them settle whom gets what...

It seems to me that Tessie is awfully quiet about the whole thing... I think that she is going to stand back and let them settle it.  Then she will move in at the right time and take what she wants out of the mess that they make. 

Whatever they wind up doing, I am just going to stand back and not get in the middle of the squabble.

I am going back to work on other things.  See you tomorrow.


anisnofla said...

No ha escogido mal hogar Albert. Me encanta esa casa.

Britt said...

I wonder where you have bought the spiral case? Or have you made yourself?

Regards Britt


Caseymini said...

Britt, if you look under Nine Dollar Dollhouse in the sidebar, somewhere in that section you will find information as to how I made the spiral staircase. Just keep hitting older posts at the bottom of each page. That should take you to it.