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Friday, October 6, 2017

Eskiaga's House Revisited...

The only minis that I got done today was cleaning Eskiaga's roombox.  I have shown this one before, but maybe some of you haven't seen it.

This one is always a bear to clean, because EVERYTHING comes out and everything has to be polished with lemon oil.  The floors and woodwork especially...
The two pots in this photo are from Julie Hinkle. The date on the bottom is 1998.  I don't think that she is around anymore. 

She did wonderful pottery and these were turned on a full sized potter's wheel! She made her own tools.

I did ask around and couldn't find anything out about what happened to her... The last time she came to our show she was not doing well health wise and had someone with her to help at her table... She was one of my favorite artisans and I have quite a few of her pieces.
Believe it or not the colorful vase in the lower right corner of this photo is one of hers too. She did a wide variety of different styles.

This is the upstairs left room.  I designed and made the bed and other furniture... And the curtains. 

The railing is cocktail stirrers painted black and glued to some plastic that I cut from a storage basket. 

The bedspread is cross stitched with a Transylvanian design... No...Eskiaga is not a vampire... At least as far as I know.

The armoire in the right side of the upstairs is a copy of one from a Mexican furniture catalog from the late thirties. I ran across it in a used book store here in town and have made several pieces from it.  The coffee table in the living room is from there too.

I have several other pieces in other room boxes that were made from this catalog too.
This painting is watercolor on silk.  I mounted the silk to a piece of illustration board and grabbed some paints and used my imagination. It is not supposed to be a copy of a famous painting.  It just represents the southwest.

No particular person or mountain... Just imagination.

Anyway, that's the only minis I did today. 

Tessie is still standing in the middle of the table in the family room.... Whining.  I think that she has just about given up on the copy of Amare's bed.  Now she wants the Gypsy Wagon in the worst way... NOW.

I fear that she is in for a disappointment.  I am not starting that until I finish the Christmas room box that I started.  It is coming along nicely.  You will see it on Christmas day... Not a day sooner!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Una casa muy bonita. Besujis!!

Jodi Hippler said...

What a wonderful house, Casey! I envy that pottery - It is a treasure, for sure! Your talent for furniture making still amazes me, as does every lovely handmade detail in all of your builds. Such a treat for the eyes!

Ingi said...

Lovely scene with wonderful details!