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Saturday, September 2, 2017

What a Ruckus!

This morning, about three o'clock, I was awakened by lots of clunks, bangs and scrapes...

When I got up at quarter to six and wandered out to the kitchen, I noticed something different in the family room... The She Shed and the He shed were on top of the bookcase.  I didn't put them there.  They must have flew in under someone else's power... Guess who?
I proceeded back  to the bedroom with my coffee and just inside the bedroom door, was the cottage like Tessie's old one that I use at Christmas... It had most of the stuff from the sewing cottage that I made for Tessie and a skeleton besides... I am not exactly sure where he was hiding, but Tessie obviously didn't want him in HER house.

It seems that she is reclaiming her original cottage from when she first moved out of her cell in the workroom...

In order to do that, she had to dump the stuff that was in it for the sewing cottage. 

When I got there, she was sitting in a strategically placed chair, watching the big TV. 

She ignored me for a while, then she looked me straight in the eye and said, "You know, this is still MY cottage."  Emphasis on the MY.

And then, "I am reclaiming it! It needs some updating.  You are going to have to get to work. Why did you replace the puce walls with green in the bedroom? I can't sleep in green!"  And then, "I still need frames for the windows and new curtains.  I don't know what you did with the old ones, but I want new ones anyway, so get to work!!!"

Well, I guess I know what I will be doing for the next couple of days.  Puce paint and curtains to match... UGH!

I hear Tessie calling from the other room.  I guess I may as well get started. It's better than building her a whole new house! Don't tell her that. She will start rummaging under the bed again. We don't want that!

See you tomorrow.

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