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Friday, September 22, 2017

Kota's New Chair...

We got a new recliner.  It was delivered this morning... Guess who got to sit in it first?

I do believe that there will be three beings fighting over who gets to sit there... So far Kota is winning.

I'm not going to fight him for it.  He bites and scratches when he doesn't get his way!
Speaking of not getting his or her way... Tessie is throwing a hissy fit.  She says the color that I mixed looks like a dirty rose... I think that she meant dusty rose, but I think maybe she is right.

It definitely isn't her favorite flea color... Puce.

It looks even worse on the mixing plate.  It is even pinker in the raw.

I may take a trip to JoAnne's and See if I can find the color that she really likes.  It is straight out of the bottle.  Ceramacoat makes it and I just wish I could remember the color name...

If they still make it, I will find it.  That will keep her quiet for a day or two.  It's worth the trip!

I guess that I should go clean out the brushes before they turn to stone.

See you tomorrow.

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