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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Having Fun Now....

We Found Tessie's alligator while cleaning the workroom.

She hasn't bugged ,me about doing things for her for the last 48 hours.  She and her friend have been getting reacquainted.

I am being ignored... That is a good thing.
On the other hand, Kota has been next to me for those 48 hours.  He likes having me to himself.  So he divides his time between Walter and I equally.

He has been helping me work on the Rya rug most of the day.  Walter was playing golf.  So what else could Kota do?  I was the only one around to pet him.
I am making progress on the Rya rug.  That little pile up in the corner is all of the thread that I have left.  I think that it will cover most of the canvas that is left.
And yes.  The workroom is still presentable.  I need to go put a couple of things away that are on the worktable and the bench. Otherwise it is staying clean.

Then back to the rya.  See you tomorrow.

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