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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Dark and Stormy Night....

Today the witches came here for the afternoon...

We made hats.  I haven't done any for a long time and it was fun.  I got them going with some velvet ribbon and patterns.  Some of the others brought trims to share.

First they got a tour of my "new workroom".  They were very impressed.  Some had never seen it before.  That's how bad it was.  I have been known to post large KEEP OUT! signs on the door in desperation.

They were very impressed.  A clean room can do that.  If the owner has a reputation for being very MESSY.
Now we are waiting for the storm that may or may not be building off to the west.  I am hoping for rain, so that I won't have to water tomorrow... I am NOT holding my breath.  It looks dark, but no sprinkles yet...

Back to clean up duty in the kitchen.

See you tomorrow.

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