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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bribery Sometimes Works Best...

We got the kits from HBS this morning. Tessie was the first to open the boxes... She has no fingernails left.  Ripping and Tearing are her main means of opening mail.  Boxes are the roughest.

She is delighted with the trailer.  She wants it done up as a Gypsy caravan...

She already has a list a mile long.  She wants her rooftop garden covered for the whole length of the trailer... Err... I mean caravan.

It is not to be called a house trailer, like they did in the old days...

So... The first thing to do is close in the roof. 
She took one look at the room box and said simply " another colonial room, please".  She seems to like those.  If she keeps it up, she will have a whole colonial house in the book case. 

It may be kind of weird if I let her have her way.  All the rooms will be exactly the same size and shape.

I may have to put a stop to the colonial thing.
I told her that I couldn't start the trailer until after I finished doing the Christmas presents...

And then I got a brilliant idea.  I told her, "And by the way.  We won't be starting any of those until your cottage is spit and polished!"

Amazing... It took about an hour, but she has everything spitted and polished and back where it belongs. Zar is on the first floor with the animals and the pizza.

She is on the second, where she has a better view of the TV.  And Friskie, the alligator, has moved back in.  He refused to stay there while it was a mess... He has been living in the colonial bedroom...

Now it is all up to me.  I have to get the Christmas presents finished and then I can go to work on the caravan. 

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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