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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Monsoons Are Back!!!

The colors in this yarn remind me of the color of the sky this afternoon.

Not much pink. A lot of gray and blue though. 

I got this thread from Witch Joan.  She tried doing the Rya, but it was too tough on her hands.  Arthritis and Rya rug making in mini don't mix well...
Now about the skies... Very gray and raining a lot.  Our back yard is going to be flooded in a little while.

Hey! I am not complaining. I won't have to water for a few days...
This is what is happening to the hummingbirds... He looks like he is about to be blown away.  Strangely, he is!

The wind is blowing him off course when he flies. He is a determined bird though.

He wants dinner... And he is getting it. A little at a time.  I tried for a photo of him eating, but unfortunately, he kept getting blown off course.

The wind seems to be slowing down a bit, so I am not worried that he won't get enough to eat.  There are five of these silly little birds flying around the back yard.  They seem to enjoy the rainy weather.

The Wednesday Witches went down town to Witch Judy's restaurant to have lunch today, so no minis.  Just a lot of good food. It is in a building next to the Tucson Museum of Art.  The name of the restaurant is Café a la C'art. The building that it is in, is one of the oldest buildings in Tucson. If you  ever get to Tucson, I highly recommend it! Great food! 

A good time was had by all.

Back to minis tomorrow. See you then!

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