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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Well, they worked!  I am very happy with the Spanish Tile.

After the glue dried, I painted the whole thing with a coat of terra cotta. 

I still don't have the rest of the rocks on the corners and the edges of the foundation painted yet... One thing at a time.
I cut a piece of the theater tray the length of the roof and bent it in an L shape.  Then I painted it metallic copper.
I went back with a tiny bit of territorial beige for accent.

I still can see some spots that I missed.

I took it to Wednesday Witches.  When I got it out of the car in the sunlight, I could see some spots that I missed between the tile.

I am going to take it out on the back porch tomorrow and repaint it again...

That is, if I feel like it.
Tomorrow, bright and early, I have to go in and have the port that was used for taking the medicine every day when I was doing chemo, taken out.

They make you keep it in for a year, "Just in case".  That is just in case the cancer comes back and you need to go through the treatments again.

It has not returned, so essentially, when this thing is gone, I am back to normal... Whatever that is in my case...

Anyway, I am off to the hospital at 5:00AM. I have to be there at 5:30 and the surgery, which only takes about 15 minutes, can be performed at 7:30.  Here we go again. 

See you tomorrow.


Lynnette in KS said...

Good luck, Casey, I imagine it will be nice to be rid of the port and its reminders. I'm so happy for you!

anisnofla said...

Te ha quedado muy bien ese tejado.
Me alegra que "eso" no haya vuelto.

Jodi Hippler said...

Good luck, Casey! What an excellent milestone to have achieved! Thanks for sharing the great news!

meemaw said...

Congratulations on returning to "normal", whatever that means. Love the roof tile idea! Be safe, -Martha

azteclady said...

I am very glad they are taking the port out, and you have a clean bill of health, Casey! Sending good thoughts your way; may it be an easy and painless procedure.

Also: I really like the tile roof, it looks really good.

elizabeth s said...

The painted Spanish tiles look G R E A T! I am loving your method and think that your an absolute genius for discovering it! WEll Done Casey and Sooooo Glad to hear about your Winning your personal battle! :D