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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Now Comes the Fun Part!

 It's time for the decorating. 

I finished the daybed this morning, after they took the port out. 

That was amazing.  They gave me some kind of light sedative and by the time that they got me back to recovery, I was pretty much ready to go home!

And since arriving home, I have been working on minis and trying to make up for the breakfast that I missed.

I started the daybed yesterday and by noon or so, I had it finished! The first photo shows how to do the tufting.  Always start in the center and work out. It makes the puffs more even than if you try to do it in rows.

I put some of those gold beads, that I bought on sale, on the bottom for feet. 

They worked nicely and they gave just enough height so that the rya rug fits under it nicely.

Zar has been digging around and found some Steampunk art to put inside.

He wants the one that warns against Airship Pirates to go on the roof, so that fellow Steampunkers will be warned. 
I found this fabric to make couch and floor pillows.  It kind of goes with his interest in archeology. I may add a bit of gold highlights here and there to make them stand out a bit more than they do.  We shall see.

Right now I am going to go raid the refrigerator.  I missed breakfast and am trying to make up for it.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am glad it went well. The daybed looks amazing. That you for the great tip about starting the tufting in the center.
Big hug,