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Monday, July 10, 2017

Hurry Up and Finish It!!!!!

Tessie is pleased!  She got to wiggle her toes in the new rug, even before it was finished!

I estimate that I have enough thread to make it up to the lines at the front of this photo.

She has already ordered another one...

It's all my own fault.  I was looking at Rya Rugs on Pinterest the other day and wondered if I could do it in mini size...
I could and I did.  I am not sure if anyone else has ever tried to scale them down.  I saw a rug on one of the sites that they said was mini, but it was done with regular yarn and nowhere near small enough for a 1/12 scale house.

I am pretty excited about this, because it is going to work.

I figure that one more practice rug and then I may try one with a design in it.

Zar has been trying to get a turn on the fluffy rug... Tessie pokes his foot with a big stick every time that he tries.

At one point, she stomped on his foot... She forgot that she didn't have shoes on at the time.

She decided that a sharp, pointy stick was safer... At least for her.

Zar is limping a lot.

Me? I am doing a happy dance a safe distance from her new rug.

I have to go back and finish it now, before the rug police that Tessie claims that she called, arrive and arrest me for not finishing her rug.

Oh! And I also finished putting stones on the base of her Lazy Lady's Lounge.... Yup.  That's what she is calling this one. I think that I need one of those!

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
While her method might be a tad rude, I can understand her wanting that beautiful. soft rug under her feet. Good luck!
Big hug,