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Sunday, July 30, 2017

And Now For Sunday...

OK. This is my second time writing a post today... Very early this morning, I put up a post for Thursday.  I think that is legal to go back and fill in the gaps just this once.  In case you haven't heard, I missed posting on Thursday, but I made up for it this morning... I am not going to mention it again. 

I have to tell you that Tessie was getting to the point of hysterics this morning, so I put in a couple of lights in the Potions Shed.

It must have worked. I haven't heard a peep out of her all afternoon.

This is one of the lights that I used. Battery operated and sticky pad on the back.  That one I put inside the roof and stuck it to the ceiling where it won't be seen. The other one was a battery operated clamp light.

Neither one can be seen from outside the house and they give that nice eerie feeling that Tessie loves.

I went to Goodwill this morning and picked up this 25dollar book for a buck.

Tessie has been pouring through it and is bookmarking almost every page... You know... "We can use this in the She Shed... We can use this one in Daisy's Cottage.  We can use this one in my NEW HOUSE!  That one was rather emphatic.

She has a place for everything in the book and is ready to work on all of them at once...  I doubt that I will use many of the ideas, but it had a nice section of colored photos of gardens and things that would look good outside a window.

Anyway, this is what the She Shed looks like with the lights on... In order to turn them on herself, she is using the pogo stick and bumping her head on the push light that you see in the first photo. Hey!  Whatever works!

Back to rug making.

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It makes such a difference to light a room. It really looks great!\
Big hug