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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Round and Round We Go....

I took the prototype to Wednesday Witches this afternoon.  Everybody liked it and they all want to do it. At least everyone that was there.

I pinned the roof on and cut the foam core board that I cut out of the front to make fake doors to show them one version of what it would look like.

They approved.  I am hoping that they will each want to do a different outside and inside.  That way, they won't all be the same.

We shall see what happens. I don't really want to see seven other She Sheds exactly like the prototype.

When I got home, Tessie was looking over the potting shed... She now has suggested that there be a glass addition for bonsai plants. 

I knew that this kit would get me into trouble!  If I do an addition for bonsai, guess who will have to make the bonsai plants?

No.  Tessie has no intention of starting a new hobby. Especially one that requires her getting her hands dirty!

Speaking of bonsai, The little tree has been in the pot for about a week.  I think that I am going to have to start wiring it tomorrow.  Wish me luck. 

I have never done this before.  It should at least be an interesting experiment. 

Now where did I put that copper wire?...

See you tomorrow.  Wire in hand. Or possibly on the tree!

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