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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Luck Is Still Holding!

Several times now, I have wished for something and when I go to Goodwill, They have something that I already went out and bought at the regular price or started making myself... This week was no different.

I started the She Shed on Friday... Today I went to Goodwill and found this kit!

I am not going to make a She Shed out of it, but it will make a nice potting shed. 

This is the inside.  All that needs to be done is to finish the inside with decorations of my choice. The kit even comes with a strip  for making leaded glass windows. That's how I do them anyway. I don't even have to hunt for the lead tape.
About the only thing wrong with the outside is the wood on the roof line.  I can easily fix that and the one broken shingle on the corner of the roof.

The rest of the kit is still in the original bag, along with some greenery. I may not use theirs.  It's commercial stuff that is really too big. I can do better.

There is a porch rail that goes around the front and side, with slats.  That is already put together.

Then there is what they call a lattice.  It is really more of a pergola that goes all around the open area.
I found the maker's name. He is Jeff Culhane.  His address is in North Vancouver BC Canada.

The other information is that it was made for the College of Miniature Knowledge, in 2003.

I am amazed that all of the pieces are still with the little potting shed.

I am going to have to start thinking "bigger".

I wonder if anybody is getting rid of a 20 room dollhouse with everything that goes in it?

Now I don't know whether to work on this kit or keep working on the She Shed.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is a terrific find! What a great potting shed it will be. In regards to which one you should work on first...which one does Tessie want finished the most...I would do that one so as to limit aggravation from Tessie?
Big hug

elizabeth s said...

Hahahha Would you believe this Casey, but I know the makers mother????
oh my but What a SMALL WORLD it is that we live in :D

now you can make a "HE shed" for Zar

Caseymini said...

Elizabeth! Zar already has a man cave. Remember his den with the sunken pit for the fireplace?