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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Big Move and a New Hummer...

I have been relocating minis again.  April and Seth are going to help us get the Once Upon a Time castle down from the top of the bookcase this weekend... Wish us luck!

I am madly moving things around to get ready.

This little bear shop, called Ursa Minor is a little storefront that I did way back in the early eighties.  I found that I had a lot of mini bears with no place to go.  At the time I was helping out in a mini shop here in town and this was one of the kits that they sold.  It was really fun to do.  At that time we had to make our own store signs.  No computers to do it for us. 

I decided that these three scenes went together fairly well and besides, all three of them fit on the table.
I taught basket coiling today so of course I took some of the baskets out of the shop.  Tessie rounded them up and put them back when I was finished. Then stayed for cookies.

The baskets went fairly well.  Everyone got started and by next time, maybe there will be some finished baskets to show!
 I went back in after everybody left and found this.  Tessie and Kota napping together.  They look so innocent and sweet... Don't believe everything that you see.  As soon as I came in the room they both started hounding me for treats...
Speaking of treats... This is our latest "Hummingbird".  I am not sure what he is, but he and his mate have been stopping by about every day for a couple of weeks now.

Can anybody identify him? He's really pretty.  I need a name.  Please help.

Back to baskets.

See you tomorrow.


Katie Garrett said...

Hooded oriole I think

Gail said...

According to my bird book its a Northern (Bullock's) Oriole! Oriole's love nectars and in fact you can buy a oriole feeder which uses an orange colored nectar-also they like oranges and jelly!