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Monday, May 29, 2017

Tessie and George...

It took me two days to find my copy of George Nakashima's coffee table.

Tessie had tossed it at the bottom of the pile that she had in the bedroom... I asked her where she put it and she just shrugged her shoulders and wandered away.  I don't think that she wanted to move all of the stuff on top of it to see where it was.

I made this table when I was on a mid century mod kick.  It is one of Nakashima's designs.  I did have to do a little fudging because he used wood that he could cut big slabs from... I managed to get it the same shape as one that he did, but the color is a bit different.  I like this one better.

 I made this one from Apricot wood... I doubt that George ever found a piece of Apricot wood large enough to make a table.  I don't think that Apricot trees get as large as the Oak, Walnut and other hard woods that he used.

Anyway, with a bit of bribery, I finally got Tessie to search.  That was after I had looked high and low in the workroom. A lot of time wasted.

"Tessie! Get Spike off of that table!" It does no good to yell at either one of them.  They are being their usual unruly selves.

I oiled the table with lemon oil. I forgot the legs of the sofa.  Oops! Tessie is hesitating on color.  I don't think that she likes the red as much as she did when she first picked it out... I don't really want to tear up another one of my tee shirts to make it a different color.  I do wish that she would have told me a couple of weeks ago when I got rid of a bunch of old tee shirts. She is eyeing my favorite turquoise tee... Nope.  She can't have that one... If I put it on and it has a big hole in the middle of the back, I am going to know who took it and she may not get her renovations done for a LONG time.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
This is such a beautiful piece. I just love it as well as the sofa. Your designs and your finishes are always gorgeous!
Big hug