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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Wind is BLOWING!!!

I feel like crawling back into bed and pulling the covers over my head. 

The wind has been blowing sideways ever since I got up this morning.  Can you tell that I don't like wind?  Nope.  No way, no how!

Tessie and Zar are comfy cozy in the basket maker's workshop.  I would like to crawl in there and watch TV, but there is no room.  They have all of the good seats and Spike has the floor. 
 I got to looking around in there.  It needs a thorough cleaning... Maybe I will do that when I finish here. 

Every time I clean in there, I get sidetracked and start making baskets again... I guess it could be worse... I could just decide to take a nap.  At least I would be doing minis if I make baskets...

My other problem is... Yup... The workroom is a mess again.  I need to go in there and clean up too. 

I don't want to clean!  I want to make baskets! 

I would like to make more like the swirled one in the second photo... In order to do that, I have to climb over things in the workroom to get to the supplies...

Maybe I should just give up and actually do more cleaning... Hmmmm.   Where have I heard that before? 

Did I mention that I don't like the wind? Maybe I will just go in the bedroom and watch K Dramas with the Terrible Two plus One and start over with the other stuff tomorrow, bright and early. Yes. That sounds like the right thing to do.

See you tomorrow!  Bright and Early. I'll be up by 5:00 AM.  How about you?


Elizabeth S said...

Oh Casey!.. You and your Messy Workroom gives me comfort, because mine looks the same if not worse! Cleaning it is a thankless job, so I think your basket making idea is much better! :)

Caseymini said...

Thanks Elizabeth, that makes me feel so much better. Misery loves company!