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Thursday, April 27, 2017

She's Growing Her Own Pintos!

That's Beans. Not ponies. I consider it a success that the beans even sprouted. Tessie just threw them in the pot and left.  I had to dig them down in and cover them up a few days ago.

If this is a success we will be eating a lot of Mexican Refried beans.  Good stuff!

I am beginning to wonder when this plant is going to stop blooming... It has been putting out these little red flowers for about nine months and shows no sign of stopping.

I threw away the tag and I am not even sure what it is now.  Some kind of thorny succulent. That's all I know.

I have two of them and they don't know when to quit.

Remember the Mother of Millions(Mexican Hat version) that I showed you last week... It had tiny bumps on the edge of the leaves.  We now have a LOT of tiny plants on the edges.

Tessie likes this one, because she thinks that I will get back to the conservatory by planting some of the off spring. She may be right.

I went and looked and there isn't a lot left to do on that one. I need to finish it, so that she will stop nagging me.
Here's Tessie's favorite indoor hide out lately.  It's in the kitchen... Between the micro wave and the sink...

Food and pretty colors.  This orchid has been going strong for at least five or six months now.  The blooms show no signs of fading. 

That's why I like orchids. Water once a week.  Then stand back and look at pretty flowers for a long, long time.

The wind is still blowing.  It has been a very windy spring and shows no signs of stopping.  Otherwise, I would be spending a lot more time outdoors right now. I am going to give up and stay inside for the rest of the afternoon. It's no fun when the wind is trying to blow me away. 

I think that I will go make baskets now.

See you tomorrow.


Lynnette in KS said...

Hi Casey, I can't see the picture clearly on my laptop, but your blooming plants look like a plant my mother had which she called a Crown of Thorns. She lived in Colorado and I think I remember it blooming at first around Easter, then more as it got older.

mcddiss said...

que bonitas se ven tus flores y plantas , por aqui tambien esta haciendo una primavera un poco mas fria de lo habitual, asi que hay que adaptarse un poco al clima



Caseymini said...

Mari, I hope hat you don't have the winds. That's the part that I don't like.

Caseymini said...

Lynette, I think that you are right. I am pretty sure that was what was on the original tag. And it is definitely thorny!

Gracieuse said...

Hello! Thank you for your blog, it is so lively!
I think your flower is an "Euphorbia milii". A succulent. There are many varieties of euphorbia (2000!), some of them look like cacti, many of them have yellow flowers, all of them have a white liquid when cut, tell Tessie to be carefull, it is very irritating!

Caseymini said...

Gracieuse, I knew that it was a euphorbia. I collect them. Thanks for the milli part. I didn't know that part.