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Monday, April 10, 2017

Give a Witch a Pencil?

Big mistake!  This morning I made Tessie a yellow Ticonderoga  pencil, like the ones that we had in school when I was a kid...

I just carved it from a toothpick and colored it appropriately.

That was a mistake. She immediately zapped it and made it work. 

I had to tell her not to write on the books. Go find some paper...
 She disappeared.  I hunted her down where I knew she would look for paper.  Walter always has a lot of little sticky pads  on the desk.

She started using the paper and pencil.  I told her that she would have to go somewhere else to do her sketching.

She didn't object... Nothing to eat on the computer desk... So I had to start hunting her down again... The logical place to look was someplace with pizza. 
Yup. She was where there is always pizza.  In the kitchen of her old cottage. 

So far, she has plans for a fancy chair, table and couch. 

The only thing good about a Tessie sized pencil, is it will get sharpened about three times and then it will be out of led.

We are going to a movie a little later.  I am not going to be around when she runs out of pencil. 

She is going to have to fend for herself.  Or maybe she will just eat pizza until we get back.  Who knew that a five and a half inch witch could draw plans for her own furniture?  I didn't.  I thought she would just doodle until we returned.  Darn!  More furniture to make.  At least she doesn't have much paper. I hid the rest and locked the computer room door.

Back to getting ready to go to a movie... Without a tiny witch. 

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

The pencil is mightier than the sword or so they say, so good for Tessie who is able to wield her pencil with both skill and purpose!

Юлия said...

Tessie draws beautifully! I wish you to enjoy the film!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Yes, I'm back. Life got hectic for awhile.
The odd thing about miniature pencils is that of all the things I have made(and
there are quite a few), I love the pencils the most. I made them to scale. They pass the "real" test so well! But sadly, my mini people did not write me notes.

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, at least your people aren't drawing up plans for new furniture!