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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Chance Meeting at Goodwill...

Last week, I was in Goodwill for one of my shopping trips. 

I somehow got to talking to a lady in one of the aisles and we chatted a while about this and that. 

One of the this and that's that we chatted about was that we both liked Asian art. 

I told her about the Korean painting that I found at that store and she stated that her whole house was decorated in Oriental style...

After about a 15 minute chat, she pulled a piece of carved jade out of her pocket.  She gave it to me to look at.
On one side was a carving of a Dragon. 
On the other side was a Phoenix. A beautiful piece.

I started to hand it back to her and she said, "No.  I want you to have it."

She explained that she had been carrying it around for a few weeks and was looking for someone that would appreciate it. 

She said that she thought that it might be Korean and that she wanted me to have it!

I gave her one of my hand beaded rings in exchange.

It was one of those chance meetings that you hear about.

I doubt that I will ever see her again, but I really appreciate the piece.  I found beads and some stones to make it into a necklace and this is how it turned out. 

I wore it to Wednesday Witches today and everyone liked it.

I also got half a watchband finished at the meeting today.  All in all, it was a very good day!

See you tomorrow

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Marilyn D. said...

What a wonderful story, Casey. I am often reminded of the (paraphrased) biblical reference "Be not afraid to entertain strangers for they may be angels in disguise". You surely met one at the Goodwill store. what better place to meet one? - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada