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Monday, February 6, 2017

Look Before You Leap!

I rounded off the corners and used spackle for the walls.  It came out pretty good and now I am debating if I should paint it or not.  I kind of like the finish, as is.

See the window?  I should have thought of that before I put the walls together!

It was a bit of a job getting it cut out.  Then I had to decide how to do the trim. 

It would have been a lot easier on a flat wall, not attached to the other one and the base.

I did get it done, but it's not the prettiest window that I have ever made.  I just wanted to see if it could be done with string.  It can.
 That's what I get for not thinking ahead.

I traced the inside of the window on a sheet of hard plastic.

Then I went and dug up some string from Walmart.  It is #20 bamboo cord, sold in the jewelry making section, if you are interested.

I didn't really measure anything.  I just did it on the fly.  You know.  Hold up the string next to the window and cut a chunk off.  It worked! I did the string inside and out.  Carefully matching the places that I put the string, so that it didn't peek out on the other side of the glass.

I now have all of the pieces cut for the walls of the kit and all of the pieces for the outside of the bookcase that I am going to put on the wall.

I will give measurements and directions when I start the actual building of the furniture.

Wish me luck.  Here I go again.  Flying by the seat of my pants.  See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The window came out very well. The things a genius can do with string!!!
Big hug, good luck