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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Give Her an Inch...

And she takes a whole box!

First of all, I made the glass look old and wavy by putting a coat of clear nail polish on both sides... Zar approved. 

I noticed that I have to stick a couple of places on the string back down. I will do that as soon as I finish this.
I no more than got the bookcase glued in place and Tessie was already filling it with pottery.

At least she has good taste.  I will probably rearrange a bit and put some books in place to fill the space. 

That's if I can get to it before Tessie does.  It seems that, as usual, she has already claimed it...

When I asked her, "Who said that this was yours?". She answered with, "I said!".  Here we go again.

I guess that I will just wait until she tires of it and looks for something else to claim.
I let her go and she proceeded to claim it even more.

We now have a chair and footstool involved in the argument.  And another piece of pottery!

I have a feeling that Zar is waiting in line.  If she pops out for any more stuff, he will pop in and claim it...

Oops! I forgot!  I have the advantage!  I am bigger than both of them put together.  I can carry them to another spot by the scruff of their little necks and then I can do what I want with said box! Now.  What do I want to do...???

I will have to think on that for a while. 

I still have a lot of foam core and tiles left.  Maybe I will just make more.

They would be good for a single doll display too.

I am off to get ready to go to Wednesday Witches...

See you tomorrow with more of the instructions. Next, the bookcase.

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Юлия said...

Tessie has good ceramics!