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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pencils, Pens, and Threads...

When I was little and someone wanted to keep me busy, all they had to do was give me some paper and a pencil... It still works.

While I was hanging up things in the bedroom yesterday, I thought about how my dad gave me the only present that I remember from when I was a little kid.  It was my first Ball Point Pen!  I think that was the best present that he ever gave me.  I think that I was seven at the time, but it made me feel like a grown up.  At the time, the only people that I knew that used ball point pens were grown ups!

Just give me some kind of writing implement.  Some background material to go with it.

Sometimes I just resort to copying something that Michelangelo did.  That's always fun.  I can come pretty close, but that's not the point.  The fun part is just keeping myself busy by drawing.

If you give me lots of different colors of pens, I usually resort to mandalas or some other repetitive form of work. 

Also keeps me amused but for a shorter time...
If you really want to get me out of your hair for a while, just give me some stretched linen, a few shells and some thread... That will keep me busy for days.

That's why I want to hang these things up.  I can see what kept me busy. 

Sometimes it's a short period.  Sometimes it a long period.

Makes no difference.  One way or another, you can keep me amused... Simple things for simple people.

The only thing that I did this morning that relates to Tessie and friends is made fudge...

She keeps asking, "Does all of this fudge make me look fat?" 

Just say no.  She will go away.

I, however, will be back tomorrow! See you then!

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