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Monday, December 12, 2016

Amazing What a Tree Can Do!

The photos aren't fantastic, but I was cleaning out today and realized that the trees that I got at the Dollar Tree a few years ago make anything look like it is ready for Christmas!

I bought a bunch of these color changing trees and I stick them in various houses every year.

The first one is the sewing cottage.

This second one is of the Forest Fantasy Cottage.

These trees change colors every few seconds.  They go from yellow to green to purple to red.  On and on...

They run on one triple A battery and I don't think that I have changed them but once since I purchased them.

They are going strong on batteries that I put in a couple of years ago.
In case you can't tell, I had a doctor's appointment today and forgot to do the blog until I returned home.

I especially like the way the trees look in front of Daisy's Cottage. 

They are kind of like the energizer bunny... They just keep on going and going.

Tomorrow, I will probably start painting a dragon... Wish me luck.

See you then!

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