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Friday, December 23, 2016

Almost finished!

While Walter played golf this morning, I did most of the rest of the porch. 

He helped me move the swing when he got back. 

Then I moved the table in place. The stool has to stay.  That's Amare's place when he comes over.
I moved the table that was on that side to the back wall, under the window.

I told Walter, if we want the swing back, we could always put it on that side of the porch. The rafter there is the same as the one that we had it hung from.  Just a different position.

I still need to adjust things a bit.  After Christmas I am going to either paint or stain the tables.
 See that little speck at the top of the tree? That's Hummer.  He's my favorite humming bird.  When I work on the porch, he hangs around and once in a while he buzzes around my head to make sure that I am doing things right. 

The other day when I refilled the three feeders, he came up to the kitchen window to watch.  After I showed him the feeder that I was working on, he bobbed his head and flew off to tell the rest of the tribe.  I only got one feeder put out before I had my first humming bird eating.  I put out the other two feeders and then everybody was happy.

The Mother of Millions is right on schedule.  They usually bloom right around Christmas.

This is the first one to bloom.
This one is taller than I am... It should be in full bloom a couple of days after Christmas.  Too bad it can't be a little sooner.

Anyway, Tessie likes this one best.  When she sits in the branches, she keeps saying... "See! I am taller than you are." Then she runs for the cookies that I made this morning.  I catch her every time.

Dream on Tessie.

Back to work. See you tomorrow.

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