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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Scary Tessie!

It doesn't take much... Tessie can be scary without trying...

This morning I stopped at Goodwill and found her a couple of early Christmas gifts.

The first was a new outdoor swing.  I am not sure what it is really for, but it is a perfect hanging basket swing.  It works for two, if they are friendly... Once in a while that includes Tessie and Zar...

They were friendly long enough for me to take their photo.
The other gift was a $40.00 book that I got for 2.99.

I don't happen to have this one.  It is on the Thorne Rooms in Chicago.

We have our own collection of them in Phoenix and some are very similar to the ones there, so I don't feel like I have missed a lot.
Anyway, I shouldn't have given it to her this far before Christmas... See all of those little yellow post it notes stuck in between the pages.  There were only 16 left on the pad or there would be even more pages marked...

Between the two of them, so far, it will be a 16 room+ a few more extra rooms that they haven't marked yet, house!  And she has announced that it should be done for Christmas.  She wants to throw a big party...

I am now hunting for the mesmerizer... I need to wipe the book from her(and Zar's) mind in a hurry.  Back to the hunt.

See you tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving Eve.


Kathi said...

Happy Thanksgiving my mini-friend! I love your new project! I hope someday soon I will get my mini stuff unpacked and get back to making minis. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Caseymini said...

Kathi! It is so good to hear from you! Did you move? Happy Thanksgiving!