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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Not Quite Queen...

This afternoon, we almost had a disaster! Tessie decided to go to the witch's meeting with me.  It was OK until we got there and discovered that she was without a crown... Somewhere between our house and Judy and Susan's it disappeared... That was not a good thing! You should have heard the wailing and whining! No.  Maybe you shouldn't have.
Anyway, when we got there, she was inconsolable. The only thing that stopped all of the noise was the promise that I would make her Halloween apron with the skeleton crew on it.

That helped a little. Very little.

Then Jeannie offered another kit and she cheered right up... I went down for the count. 

I have to make her another crown.  She will probably loose that one too.

She was a bit more happy when I let her rummage around in the box that Judy brought out. It was filled with the Chinese things that I had given to Judy to go through. 

She is making a beautiful Chinese scene in a four sided glass box.  I gave her the box and told her to pick some things out. 

She returned the box with new extra things Chinese in it. 

Now Tessie wants a new Chinese room...           

She refused to let go of the crown kit and has been carrying it around since we got home... She is not letting this one out of her sight.

I suppose that I will have to make her another crown tomorrow morning.  I think that she is planning to sleep with it under her pillow... Maybe she thinks that I made the other one disappear... The funny thing is, I didn't.

Honestly.  It disappeared all by itself... I had NOTHING to do with it.

Anyway, the queen will be reinstated in the morning... Everybody stand back!

 Here's hoping that she doesn't go into "Off with her head!" mode!  I did NOT lose the crown on purpose!  Honest!

See you tomorrow.

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