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Saturday, October 1, 2016

It Worked!

I was doing further cleaning in the workroom and found my watercolors.  I had a sudden brainstorm...

OK.  So I didn't get as much done in the workroom as I should have, but I did have some fun!

I thought.  Why couldn't you do a whole line of landscape painting across the page of watercolor paper and then decide which part you liked best?

So I tried it. 

I am not crazy about the bottom one and not even sure if I will use the top one, but it does work!

After I let them dry, I cut up a couple of scraps of the watercolor paper and made two L shapes.

That way I could make the template larger or smaller. 

Then I started sliding them around on the painting. 
This part isn't too bad, but I did all of these in about 15 minutes. 

If I do it again and take my time, I may get a few paintings to frame. 

But it did get me out of room cleaning!

Back to the serious stuff now.

See you tomorrow.


anisnofla said...

Pienso que te ha quedado muy bonito, aunque lo hayas hecho deprisa, jejeje.

April said...

Awesome paintings! Can I get a bigger size?

miniaturista said...

Pintar es mi asignatura pendiente y ganas no me faltan...
Está muy bonito.
Un abrazo

mcddiss said...

veo que el descanso de la limpieza fue muy productiva ,estan muy bien esas acuarelas