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Friday, September 30, 2016

One Day Wonder!

I forgot to show you where the Chinese screens landed the other day. The last time that you saw them, they were in the bedroom by the TV.  I didn't like them there.  So... Here they are in the front hall. 

I am much happier with them here.

This morning, I went out and did some shopping and got my hair cut.  I feel much lighter now, without all of that extra hair.

When I got back, Tessie accosted me and asked when I was going to finish cleaning the workroom...
I didn't even feel that she deserved an answer, so I went straight to work.

Here's the results!  And no.  I didn't move stuff from one side to the other to take the photos.

I did notice that there is a roll of paper laying on the floor in this shot.  I will go put that away as soon as I am finished typing.
This is the view from my chair now.  Not bad at all... I rounded up the Skeleton crew and put them back in their basket with food and drink to last them until Halloween Eve.

I am a bit worried.  They haven't made a sound since I put them in there.  I think that they have their heads together, planning something serious...
Anyway, this is the view from the door.  The room is at least somewhat respectable again... Now we can start the countdown to the big day.

Back to work.  I need to keep working to refine the system.

See you tomorrow.

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mcddiss said...

pues si que tienes orden en el taller , para mi eso es imposible ,tengo tanto deshorden que me es imposible trabajar en el , asi que me voy a la mesa del comedor,soy un desastre