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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do Not Disturb!

Kota has made it official.  He now owns our closet.  He found an old cat bed in there, stored with a blanket inside... He has been there for the past two days. That's only when he doesn't want to be disturbed... He comes out when HE wants to. 
Me?  I have the first wall finished... Three to go.  Maybe another one this afternoon.
We also moved Daisy's cottage into the family room.  There is barely room on the table for the observatory, so Daisy opted to leave it in the living room.
Reggie is taking it over.  It doesn't go with the Forest Fantasy Cottage, but he is borrowing it for the time being...

Daisy doesn't care.  She is away, more than she is here.  She drops by for supplies. Right after I took the above photo, she grabbed some cookies from the kitchen and took off.  I have no idea where she was going or when she will be back. 

It will probably be when the cookies run out.

As for Tessie?  She's in the basket maker's cottage pouting.  No crown yet...

I am holding off as long as I can...It is going to be miserable around her when she comes to power...

See you tomorrow.

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