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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lost and Found...

Or the story of how I pulled a very large splinter through my thumb... Ouch!

I started cleaning out the other wood drawer.  It was amazing.  I found all kinds of things between the wood and on the bottom of the drawer...

Photos, a couple of bead work mandalas, a half finished hat, and a carved barley twist post for a bed... I don't think that I ever carved the other three... It was for a copy of a bed that I made a long time ago.  I was always sorry that I sold it.  This one was going  to be a keeper.

Then I found three pieces of wood for columns that I had started by painting one... Not the other two...

Please don't ask me where they were supposed to go....  I have no idea.

Then I found a bead knitted purse that I didn't put a handle or frame on... Another thing to finish.
And a finished covered box to put things in.  I don't know what... The brass octagon on top is a 1920s coat button... Very heavy.
But...This was the prize.  I pulled out the drawer with the intention of putting some wax on the runner, because I was having a terrible time getting it out. 

That's when I became a casualty.  I ran the edge of the drawer against my right thumb and managed to run a very thin splinter about an eighth of an inch in, under the skin.  OUCH!

I finally managed to pull it through and out the other end of the hole that it made!  After getting it out and administering disinfectant and a bandage I found this assortment behind the drawer.

It is a pattern for a rug that I designed years ago.  It was complete with the started rug.  The working copy and evidently a copy "suitable for framing"??? It was mounted on a fancy piece of wallpaper.

I think that it disappeared just a couple of years after we moved into this house......A long, long time ago... I can now finish the rug! 

The splinter was almost worth it! As soon as it heals, I will be doing some needlework. 

Back to the wood drawer.  I have yet to finish putting on the wax and filling it back up...

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I'm sorry you had to suffer, but as you said it was well worth it.
Big hug